25 Soviet things, about which nobody knows abroad.

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The history of every country is the one and only and joins the people, who live in this country. The magazine “Maxim” remembers the good old times and collected the things that thrill in our hearts and excite the feeling of  the nostalgia.

  1. Pioneer ball.

Soviet sport

This simplified under the feeble childish bodies variant of the volleyball appeared in the 1930s. When this kind of the Soviet childish sport developed mainly only the prehensile body function, at the same time it was incredibly democratic. Almost everybody was able to play the pioneer ball: boyhood, girlhood, thick, ones with the dystrophy, mental defectives, barnacled ones. There were not shines in the pioneer ball, because it was impossible to play it well (one could play very badly, but that is quite another story). Up to now, the Russian children in the Turkish and Spanish hotels amazed the staff, playing their enigmatic game.

  1. Trust-based ticket barrier.

Russian metro

That is where they are closed, the roots of the national psychology. Only our ticket barriers operate on the principle of the carnivorous plants. They hide in the darkness of the iron box, creating your illusion of full freedom and safety. But at any attempt of the illegal infiltration their claws appose on the trespasser body – on the jugular. Well, we do not find the road less traveled. We do not trust it from a child.

  1. Caramelized milk.

Russian Caramelized milk.

Caramelized concentrated milk hangs around the foreign supermarkets too – in the department of all kinds ingredients for the confectionary. But to the taste, to the view and to the smack it is quite the wrong thing, differing from our caramelized milk, which you boiled in the cooking pot yourself during three hours, and then you took away from the walls and from the floor. After that, you abstracted yourself slightly watching the final cup match of Europe.

  1. Foot cloths (portyanki)

Russian portyanki militray socks

“The foot cloths were, are and will be! – administrative commandant of the armed power, the General of the Army Vladimir Isakov informed somehow in his interview for the press. – Because the synthetic material is very unhealthy for foots, especially when it needs to run 30 kilometers in the tarpaulin boots. And the synthetic compact socks must be tailored for every soldier, otherwise the socks will shiver and will stuff the foots by gathers up to bloody callus. The Russian Army has a go at socks, really, we do not live in the Stone Age. Now then, the experiments went down in flames. That is the Jarheads, who go out of their way to jeep or to move by the helicopters, can afford to fool with the socks”. This is the way, the army management sees it. Instead everybody can bring from the army one useful experience. For example, the skill of making for oneself the socks immediately from two handkerchiefs makes the indelible impression.

  1. To sit down before the trip.

Our ancient ethnical superstition fables that if all members of the noisy family sit down and keep silent during a minute before the departure, so the trip will by successful. If only because just at this sacral moment they can realize in mystic way that their passports were left on the sofa, the tickets – in the bathroom, and the child was tired in the skates instead of the mitts.

  1. To touch wood.

Russian wood

As is well-known, there are a great number of the eared evil spirits around every person, who are busy, that destroy the dreams. As soon as they get to know that somebody wants to buy the horse more beneficial or to settle daughter successfully, so they go full speed to hold up prices, to spoil the girl – if only to do harm. That is why all over the earth the clever persons, who told some their wishes aloud foolishly, they touched the wood at once: the wood scares the devils, the Druids understood it still. But now, other nations lost this useful skill a little bit. But we touched the wood and will touch the wood!

  1. Bath besom.


Russian sauna

It looks like more the tool of the torment than the enjoyment, this batch of branches with the dead leaves is more than only the unique symbol of our country, than the French ballet, than the Chinese kokoshnik or, for example, than the caviar, which all kinds Iran and Canada export in full blast. Many races have the bath-houses. But  we are only, who have the bath besom.

    1. Birch juice.


Seemingly, the birches grow in many countries, but for some reason nobody thought how the birch juice is tasty and useful. Maybe, it is all about some gene, which we are only, who can feel the subtle odour of the sweetish ply-wood, that is so beautiful in childhood, is not it? And indeed the adult person needs the birch juice absolutely, when the foreigners visit him. Then one will be able to buy the tin of this juice and make the guest to have just the taste of our national drink good and proper, observing with the quiet enjoyment his face at this point in time.

  1. The quass.

Russian kvass

Let the seeder, the ancestor of the quass, was invented in Mesopotamia – today the quass is as rare as hen`s teeth in Egypt, in Iran, in any other country of the world. Only we have. And those scoundrels, who over the last years fell into the habit to sell the fizzy drinks “on basis of quass”, must be simply sunk in the wash-basin with their production.

  1. “Retona”

Soviet retona

The washer, which weights 300 grams, which does not practically take the electric and does not sink the neighbors from below, was born in Tomsk City, in the research and manufacturing association “Retona”. Simply, you put it in the wash-basin with the water and clothes, add some wash powder and rest all you want. While you take care of your business, “Retona” takes care of its business: it treats heartily the clothes by the ultrasonic waves, it creates the micro-bubbles, which separate the dirt from the string of the cloth.  Then you have only to rinse the linen good and proper, to give a lick and a promise manually or to remove with the help of the bleacher the most ingrained spots and to wring clothes well. The million of people has already bought this great invention. So, besides, “Stone soup”  is also the Russian fairy tale.

  1. Sunflower seeds.


It is the riddle, how we managed to bring the sunflower seeds eating in the rank of the ancient national tradition, which were delivered to us 200 years or so ago. Nevertheless, this plant became integrated in our culture such, that even the coached historians can not find the answer and can be mistaken. For example, in the book of the outstanding writer and historian Boris Akunin “Altyn – Tolobas” we can find the beggar girl, who husks the sunflower seeds, and we do not be confused that in the description 1682 the forward – minded Netherlandish and French gardener began to divorce this exotic flower a moment ago.

  1. Nominative of address.


At one time, it was present in many Indo-European languages, but then it degenerated in many ones. But we saved it carefully. Truly speaking, we changed a little bit. If formerly we widened the word by the additional “e” at the end referencing to the person (“knyazhe”, “cheloveche”), so in the modern Russian language the nominative of address is, vice versa, reduction in the last vowel: “Zin, Zin”,  “Look here,  Pashk”, “Lekh, Lekh!”.

  1. The Old New Year.


The Europe passed from using of the Julian calendar to the Gregorian one by the close of the XVI century, but Russia – only in the early 20th century. However, the Greek church refused flatly to participate in that ugliness. That was no big deal (at long last, the all branches of the Eastern Christianity celebrate Christmas  on the 7th of January), but we had also the atheistic revolution, which put Christmas down the historic drain, and which made the uppermost holiday of the year not Christmas, but neighboring New Year, attaching to it all former Christmas attributes such as Christmas trees, burning stars and the Magus gifts.

As a result, there was the mash like salade Olivier in the mind of the people and we latched on to the wondrous wealth – even to three holiday weeks, beginning with the western Christmas and ending by a little bit sad holiday – The Old New Year, which has even the name – belongs to impossible but living things.

  1. The strig-bag.

Soviet bag

It is unknown, when the early man realized for the first time to join the animal tendons such a way, that they formed the cellated basin, which one could put it inside the pocket in the case if you would find out the sausage queue in short supply, gitting home from work. At the same time, it is known how the name of favorite Soviet bag appeared. For the firs time, it was sounded in the Raykin`s monologue in 1935. “Here is the strig-bag, – said his personage, waving before the audience by the above-mentioned  thing. – The strig-bag, I shall bring in it something homeward”.

  1. The address is vice versa.


What is the more important – personality or state? Individuality or society? Unit or system? While the philosophers wrestled with these global questions, the Soviet post decided them long ago. Only our address begins from the country, then towns come, the street, the house and finally, the combination of letters, which you became accustomed to consider as your personal call sighting. From the general to the special, as it were. In all other country, first of all you inform the postal service, that you need John Smith, and only then you point out the coordinates of that place, where John Smith lives usually. Therefore, it is easier to work as the postman in our country.

  1. Absorbent carbon.


The carbon has the absorbent qualities and at the same time reduces the environment acor – what the doctor ordered. So, it remedies the stomach around the world. But the prudishly adapted, foreign doctors and pharmacists disguise the initial element in every way, addind to the carbon any additives and exposing it to any transformations (nobody never understands from what this white tablets or the pink pearl was made). And only in our country the honest sellers pack in the pharmaceutical drug unit the black, of the most awesome appearance tablets, smearing the mouth and the fingers. At the same time it helps!

  1. The television broadcastings: “What? Where? When?” and “Club of the Funny and Inventive”


There are panel games and emulations on TV more, than you can eat. But only two games are ours, the original designs, the scripts of others were retired by the television repairmen in the foreign companies. Only two. Therefore, they are the best and the most favorite ones.

  1. The imblueing easter eggs by the onion skins.


Of course, all it is because of the poverty. Usually the Russian farmer did not have enough money for the gold latten and honeyed paints, so the beggarhood painted the eggs with the help of that was in the way – the onion skins. Sometimes, the eggs were still wound by the strings in order the merry pattern came off.  But at the same time, the egg, which was well-boiled in the onion solution, was more tasty the common one, especially if the shard was shaken a little bit.

  1. The glass-holders.

Soviet glass holder

At the time, when the glass cost at a wickedly high rate, the glass-holders were run deep everywhere – as the armor and the bent for the unstable, expensive glass. When the glass began to cost dog-cheap, the glass-holders said good-bye to the humanity, took ship and sailed with the beautiful songs in the dreamland.

That was everywhere, instead one very big country. The people had there to travel by trains as long as month of Sundays. As is well-known, on the way, everyone sets mint to tea, moreover in the country, we talk of, the tea-drinking became the national tradition. And it emerged there, that it was difficult to treat without the glass-holders in the shaky train: it is ungratefully, when you will be treated with boiling water. For all that, we got used that we had to drink the tea using the glass-holders, that this drink was dished up in the houses in the same way.


  1. The buckwheat.


In spite of the fact that the root “grech” make us to scent the Greek spy in this porridge, it is ours without doubt. Only in one place, in Altai, the ancient evidences of the buckwheat intaking by the human were found. There were a great number of the petrified grains of the buckwheat in the graves and in the man sites. It would seem, just from Altai the buckwheat widened along Asia – truly speaking, without much effect. Only the Japanese and the Chinese saved it partially in their diet, adding the pulverized buckwheat to the meal, but the most races never ate it for sure.

The dieting experts think: all matter is that one has to get use to eat the buckwheat as a child, otherwise the adult person, tasting the buckwheat porridge for the first time, will feel the bitter taste and the chemical aftertaste. So, apart from us, nobody eats it for sure and nobody can eat it. In spite of the fact, that the buckwheat is sold in some shops of the biological food in Europe and USA, but it is impossible to look at these packages with dry eyes. They have the rare buckwheat: green, shattered and wholly bad.

21. The doors, which are opened inside.


The legend about the fact, that in USSR the doors of the apartments were opened inside because it was more convenient for the Committee for State Security to break in the process of the arrest, is only the legend. The people opened the doors for the Committee for State Security single-handed – gently and helplessly. But their arrangement is the usual thing for the north regions. Where there was a snowfall of some meters on the staircase overnight, you understand very quickly, how the doors must be hung, if you are going to get out of the house till the spring coming.

  1. The pickle-juice.


There are many pickles. You will never find just the pickle-juice anywhere. Only we have. It is darkly, why the export was not set going up to now, the tankers do not rip, the pickle-juice pipes were not laid. You would think, that only we are such drinkers. Or there was nobody, who was ready to risk Prometheus` liver, who would crook our secret and would give it to the crapulence bit humanity, was not there?

  1. On the 8th of March and on the 23d of February.

8 March 23 February Soviet Russian

Nobody has such paired holidays, unless it be China, where “the boy holiday” and “the girl holiday” correspond to our main sexual holidays a little bit. But they are only for children there, but we have for everyone. Nobody looks at the original meaning of these data long ago. In the bread-winning women day, even that women receive the presents, who do not work even 5 minutes in their life, and on the date of the Russian Army, nothing pulls the most heroic refuse army through the new socks, neckties and shavers in their private collection.

  1. Green antiseptic.

Soviet medecine

Maybe, there is no house in our country, where at least a small glass of the green antiseptic would not be present. The magic remedy: cover – and all things must pass. Every day the hundreds of the miracle-working small glasses fly away from “domodedovych” and “sheremetyevych”. They fly in out-of-the-way parts, to the wild people, who do not know, what the green antiseptic is. On examination the western doctors have already learnt to distinguish the Russian children finding out the enigmatic green spots on the body. And as soon as they have learnt – they have lifted voice, because the children happened to be covered with such mixture, which it was not to cover yourself, but it was severely to look upon from far.

There are only teratogens with the carcinogens. Ever since, some malicious western agencies claim to forbid the green antiseptic manufacturing over and over again. But in the country, where up to now the midwifery guide recommends to cover the nursing  mothers nipples by the green antiseptic (against disruptions), one can estimate such offers as extreme blasphemy and even as dirty act a little. Because it is yet the attempt upon the basic concepts.

  1. Siberian pine tree nuts.


Siberian pine tree nuts are the most useful nuts. In order to that they can come at the table of every citizen of the country, this country has to have many thousands of square kilometers of the boreal forest. But it is impossible to grow the Siberian pine tree nuts industrially. Or they will have to be sold at the indecent price: Siberian pine tree needs too many space to produce the first dozen of the decent strobiles 50 years on. Truly speaking, now we export Siberian pine tree nuts, but nobody hurries to buy them massively abroad: this exotic fruit is very unaccustomed for the local buyers.


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Tony like Russian officer boots for horse riding.

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Tony from Texas is our customer, in June he bought officer boots 37,39 and 46 sizes for horse riding.

Tony sent us 4 photos.

Horse boots, riding boots, equestrian boots, Soviet officer,

Soviet officer boots and horse.

equestrian boots, riding, riding boots, riding shoes,

equestrian, horse boots, leather, riding, riding boots,



Tony ranch dog named Chaplain. Good horse dog, but talks too much like woman in laundry;)


Horse dog, riding sport, dog

Good horse dog Chaplain


Photos by: Tony


Exhibition La Ferté-Alais 2015 in Paris. Boots from Sovietboots.com store

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Jean-Jacques F. bought boots from our store and were used on the 24 of may at “La ferté Alais”
Les faucons de Staline
Airshow in the south of Paris.
Normandie Niemen

All photos:


Photos by: Jean-Jacques F.


bottes russes, des soldats, la Seconde Guerre mondiale, Normandie Niemen

Our customer Gene Garren shows his soldier boots from our store and wraps.

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Gene Garren served in Ranger, and Special Forces/Special Operations units and am a 100% service connected disabled veteran. I was also a sniper, and have a refurbished Soviet 1943 Mosin Nagant sniper rifle with matching scope. It shoots a very good group and is interesting how it zeros by first aligning the scope and the rifle bore. The fine adjustments are made with the scope and the adjustment screws on the elevation and windage knobs.

Glad to see these weapons are still around as they are fun to fire and a part of history.

Studying history, I have read where the Germans only issued boots in wide widths. If a soldier’s foot was not wide then they simply wore socks with foot wraps over them. I have reproduction German foot wraps also. The are square shape and go on somewhat differently. They are actually easier and take less practice than the Russian foot wraps. However, with some practice the Russian foot wraps are great and I like them overall better. I am sending you a few photos of my foot with both Russian and German foot wraps over socks, and the boots. Both work fine with the size 45 boots. It appears the Russian boots are issued in wide size only also.

Leather jack boots

Anyway folks are fascinated when I show them I am wearing the German or Russian foot wraps. It is a concept not at all understood in the USA. However I have walked long distances with them and they work fine.

I have a question. The tops of the boots are not leather, but appear to be some kind of water resistant canvas type material. The bottoms are of course leather. I read that in WW-II the boots were made with this material to save leather. An interesting solution for sure.

As the war progressed the Germans had to resort to the ankle boots with canvas gaiters. However, I am not sure why they did not follow the Soviet method on the tops of the boots, as the German soldiers always preferred the high marching boots, and called the gaiter/ ankle boot system “Retreat Gaiters” as this kind of foot wear became numerous starting in 1943 when after Kursk the Germans went into a long and continuous retreat. I do however prefer laced ankle boots a gaiters over the 9 inch high boots the US Army went to after sometime in the early 1950’s during the Korean war.

Article by: Gene Garren

Russian soldier socks wraps

Soldier wraps



Military wraps

Leather jack boots


















Dancing in jack boots. Russian folk dance.

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National dance leather jack bootsOne can see the shod with boots dancers today too, as a rule, in the folk music groups. But it is the traces of the past magnificence yet. In our villages and countries the people dressed festively, when they visited disco, put the best shoes on. Picture only the sparkle of the boot-top, the heels clicking during the fervent dance! The dance joined, recollected, allowed to build new relations between the people. One cannot overpass some eroticism of this act, which is basic for it by nature and which was increased by the appearance of the shod with boots dancers.

In the colour the rug cutting held the field of the soldiers predominantly, but as far back as in 19th century, every regiment, sotnia and slightest self-respecting subunit of the Russian Army had their own choirs and dancing groups. The subunits matched with the rug cutting together with the marching drill, fire, gymnastics and swordcraft. It was considered good form, when the best dancers of the subunit danced squatting ahead of the marching order. If the outstanding tradition of the rug cutting appeared in the subunit, so it was kept safe, and was demonstrated to the command at the next opportunity during the parades and exhibition performances.

Military army dance niform boots

During the internal conflict the war in Russia rug cutting continued to live both in the troops of the Reds and the Whites. The Red Army men retained well the immediate attacks of the regiments of the Izhevsk and Vodkinsk plants, who battled under the red flag against the Bolsheviks. They went into assault with accordion, with guns pick-a-back. Sometime the soldiers danced together with the nurses ahead of the order.

The marine rug cutting squatting became to be called “Yablochko” because of the refrain in the popular artificiality of that time. Climbing from the shore to the decks, the dance yablochko became one of the favorite entertainments of the Russian sailors. The privacy and the cohesion of the marine team became the fertile ground for the holding and the handover of the knowledge of the rug cutting, and the competitions between the sailors of the different ships enriched the tradition constantly.

WW2 Uniform boots

The war rug cutting squatting was inherited by the Red Army too. The rules of the parades and competitions remained unaltered, though the motions were too handcuffed by the Soviet cultural and educational workers. A different matter was the rug cuttings during the holiday and in the lines. It was not only the training of the body and the repetition of the battling ways, it is difficult to overestimate the effect of the music and the rug cutting on the fighting spirit of the soldiers. The avital tradition converted the exhausted soldiers into the wonderwork knights, fired the fearlessness and the passion in the hearts.

The Victory Parade was celebrated in 1945 in such big way, that nobody saw yet before.

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The General Staff asked two months for the preparing of the Parade. It was given only one month. Tens of thousands of the Parade participants with uniform and boots, lots of the warlike equipment were expected to be delivered in Moscow; above 10 thousands uniforms and boots had to be sewn.
The Victory Parade had appointment on 24th of June, 1945. All front line commanders received the letter order, where it was written: “A free regiment on the part of the front line will have to be drafted for the participation in the Parade in Moscow in honor of the Victory over Germany”.
It had to consist of 1059 soldiers and military officers and dozens of the replacement persons. It was special regiment. The front line commander had to come in front of it – Marshal or General of the Army.
Russian victory parade 1945 70 years 2015
The very same banners, which the fascists wanted to carry along Red Square, were delivered in Moscow liberally as the spoils of war. It happened to be so many of them, that there was no point to carry out all of them. 200 of banners were selected, and among of them – standard of Adolf Hitler.
With the special honors the Victory Banner was delivered in Moscow. It was escorted from Berlin by those people, who raised the Banner over Reichstag.
The echelons aimed for the capital northerly, southerly, westerly – from all ten front lines, which spread from Arctic Ocean to Black Sea. The sailors came from Baltic, Odessa, Sevastopol, Novorossiysk, Murmansk. They had to go along Red Square by the separate mixed regiment. The soldiers of the 4th Ukrainian front line received the Kiev station using 3 echelons. They debussed quickly, lined up and moved to Krasnaya Presnya. The regiment streamed over the Borodinskiy bridge and song the favorite song of the front line:

We are the soldiers of Stalingrad,
We are the Carpathian eagles,
Our honor and our glory
Were born in tussle looms!

WW2 70 YEARS victory parade in Moscow

The parade drill was expected during two weeks before the Parade beginning. The soldiers became disaccustomed to the goose step: they charged at a run. The parade preparation went at full drive at the field of the central airdrome, where the wappenschawing of the Red Army took place during fledging years of the revolution.
Marshal Zhukov remembered, that the Supreme Allied Commander – Stalin called him on the 18th -19th of June. He asked, if the marshal did not forget how to ride. Marshal answered:
– No, I did not forget.
– Look here, you will have to inspect the Victory Parade. Rokosovskiy will be in charge.

The main battles of the war: defense of Moscow and battle of Stalingrad, the release of Ukraine, Byelorussia, the attack of Berlin are connected with the names of these marshals in public memory. At some time both of them saw service in the same horse division: Rokosovskiy was the commander of the division, and Zhukov – the commander of the regiment. The black horse was selected for the Parade Commander, for the parade inspector – the white horse.
Three minutes before the chime struck ten blows, marshal Zhukov was ahorse before Spasskiy gate. He heard the Rokosovskiy`s command: “Parade, attention!” – and he got the square with the 10th blow of the chime.

70 years WW2 Parade Nazi german 1945

There was the huge orchestra, consisting of the 1400 musicians (there were the trumpeters among of them too, who participated in the Parade on the 7th of November, 1941). Together with the drops of rain, tears run down the cheeks of the musicians…

The Karelian front line began the demonstration first, then – Leningrad one, 1st Baltic one. Their names brought to mind the battles in Arctic Circle, near Leningrad, on shores of Baltic…
It was about time for those, who attacked Berlin, – 1st Byelorussian and 1st Ukrainian front lines. The marshal of the Soviet Union Konev went in front of the regiment of his front line.

The troop directed to the mausoleum. Ten ranks of the soldiers, twenty persons were in each of them, went. The soldiers kept in their hands the flagstaffs in such a way, that their clothes touched the earth. They swept the stones of Red Square as it were. It was the prostrate banners of the defeat fascist army. The winners carried them in order to throw on the history dust hole. The drums were beating. The soldiers threw two thousands of the fascist banners on two wooden platforms. The standard of Adolf Hitler was thrown first, and soon it was inhumed by the heap of the flags with the black swastika.

When the lights of the rockets went out, upper the tones run from the aerostats. The huge loud – speakers transmitted the music. The whole town song and danced. The night in Moscow closed never in.

GUCCI Men long riding boots from sovietboots.com (video)

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Brutal combat military boots Gothic style for bikers or airsoft.

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Combat boots Biker Gothic Emmo BootsDear customer, we welcome you on the pages of our website, if you surf our weblog, so you probably look for or as a present for your relatives or friends the fine and high-quality footwear. We would like to bring to your attention the absolutely one-of-a-kind military boots, those boots were purpose made individually for Sovietboots.com store, you will not buy these ones anywhere. You can ask, what is the value of these boots? Firstly, it is the high, Russian lace boots, you can hardly find the Russian – manufactured boots of such highness, either short military lace combat boots or knee-high jack boots. By means of the lacing the leather fits flush with the shank to assure the maximal comfort, and one can also use them, who has the wide grasp of the calf muscle.
Motorcycle combat boots soleSecondly, the boots have the classical sole of the Soviet Union soldiers of 1970 s.
The sole has the legendary picture, called “the tractor tire”, and it is surely fixed by means of the brass nails as distinguished from all modern Russian boots with the glutinous sole. (Such sole, fixed by brass nails, was extensively used by the Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan and in other wars). The boots have the thick real leather as well, which will go a long way. Such boots will stand up well to rough treatment. Where can these boots be used? Biker combat boots motorcycle clothing shoes leatherThese boots can be used from one purpose to another absolutely, the perfect choice is considered for the bikers, do you know, how starkly it will be to zoom up at your own Harley Davidson in these modern biker boots, furthermore they are very convenient and the thick leather of the boots perfectly protects the foot against the environment. Paintball Boots strikeball airsoft leather combat bootsThese military boots will fit to the people as well, who like the military style, it may be the paintball and strikeball (airsoft)  the fancy of the rock culture will like these boots particularly, indeed they have Gothic style lcombat boots leather goth bootsthe brutal Gothic style,  and they will fit to another subculture as well: punk, emmo, cosplay, metal, rock and so on.  If you do not belong to the bikers, soldiers of the paintball or rock stars, you can use it for your halloween costume or these boots will be appropriate well for the daily use and also in severe weather conditions. It is pleasantly even to jump into the most viscous bog in these boots.;)


Boots store


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Soviet WW2 tank NI-1 in Odessa History

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The Soviet Union was in a very short supply of the tank system at the beginning of the Second World War, for which reason it was decided to reequip the common tractors in the tanks in case of emergency.  So, during the defense of Odessa from the surrounding Rumanian units, 20 similar armor-plated “tanks” were flown into a battle. The main focus was made on the psychological effect: the attack was at night with the turned on headlamps and buzzers and Rumanians turned tail. For such cases, and also for that those machines were often equipped by the models of the large guns, the soldiers called them NI – 1, that stands for “At fright!”.\

WW2, Soviet, Tank, NI-1,Military

Soviet tank NI-1

The plants of Odessa produced about fifty such tanks, which were used by the units of the Workers` and Peasants` Red Army in the course of the urban defense.

Our customer Irek show his military collection and ask question about boots.

April 18th, 2015 Comments off

Our customer from Poland Irek sent photos his military collection and ask question about one pair boots, may be you know more info for them..

Military collector Irek

Military collector Irek

Military, collection, jacket, army, uniform, museum

Army, jackets, cap, uniform, collection,

Us Army uniform jacket cap pants

Budenovka Soviet army hat

WW2 Soviet Budenovka hat

Once Irek got from a friend boots,they look as Soviet? Are strange in side have Germans inscription, but side Soviet symbols and star.

Soviet, star, boots

German boots

German WW2 boots

German, Boots, WW2, Soviet, collection

German, boots, collection, WW2, Jack boots

German boots WW2


Please can you help find more informtion for these boots.

Thank you!