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Officer Riding Leather Sapogi Boots 501st

Officer Riding Leather Sapogi Boots 501st

Vintage Soviet Russian officer riding boots

Material: 100% soft leather

Made in USSR

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Condition: New

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P.S. Maximum calf circumference on the top these boots is 43cm (16.9 inches) if you need wider calf, we have master for calf alter, price is free and wait 1 week.

These wide model you can order here: Order Now


Russian chrome riding sapogi (video)

 Russian riding sapogi renactment


Chrome Officer Boots Sapogi



Chrome officer sapogi for many men are a symbol of bravery, fortitude, honor, and military virtue. That is why even men not related to armed forces, are willing to buy them.

 Chrome sapogi, also called box calf boots, are made from box calf – shiny black calfskin leather, which is very hygienic, elastic and form-stable. The boots have a chaste design, beautiful shine due to special impregnation, bright black colour stable for many years, and a thick sole. Boot lining is white or yellow, with stamped text – year and place of production, size, etc.

 Chrome sapogi do not demand any special care and are very serviceable. Usually several generations of a family can use them. Usually chrome boots are worn with jeans of dark colours or trousers like soviet soldier’s uniform with tapered legs. Such design of trousers allows to put them inside boots easily.


History of Chrome officer sapogi:

 Formerly chrome jack boots were an indispensable attribute of the uniform of head military authorities - lieutenant-colonels, colonels, generals, and marshals. Others had only kirza boots to wear. Owning a pair of chrome boots was a fond hope for the majority of men. Only in the end of the 20th century, chrome boots have turned from the exclusive part of military uniform to a footwear for everyday usage.


Use of box-calf sapogi:

 Usually, chrome jack boots are used in autumn and winter, as the calfskin they are made of, is impregnated with a special waterproofing compound on the base of chrome. This treatment allows boots secure feet from humidity in any bad weather. Usual customers fond of chrome boots are military style fans, bikers and horsemen



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